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Warsaw Petanque Championship
21st May 2016!

Welcome to Grand Prix Norcospectra 2016


Gdansk Petanque Championship
7th May 2016!

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The dates of the tournaments Grand Prix Norcospectra 2016

The competitions take place in the proposed locations and at the proposed dates:

I qualifier – Gdansk 7th of May
II  qualifier – Warsaw 21st of May
III qualifier – Ciechanow (Golotczyzna*) 4th of June
Final – Ciechanow (Golotczyzna*) 5th of June

* The organizers reserve the right to change the location of the III qualifying round and the final to the STO pitch in Ciechanow in the situation, when the number of teams willing to play in the III qualifying round is smaller than 27  (application deadline 31st of May: by PetanquePro or ciechan.petanque@gmail.com)